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Based in Taiwan since 2010, PLUSWORK INTERNATIONAL COMPANY is a manufacturer and designer of professional bags. Their main professional bags and cases include, Firefighter Equipment Trolley Bag, outdoor trolley bags, backpacks, musical instrument bags, special purpose rolling bags, laptop bags, and thermal bags. They also provide OEM/ODM services and have a strong focus on quality, backed by professional SGS certification.

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DELLY has been offering customers SGS-certified professional bags with warranty since 2010, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, DELLY ensures that each customer's demands are met.

Firefighter Equipment Trolley Bag


Taiwan's first professional firefighter equipment zipper bag, the main bag capacity of 110 liters (size: (64 + 10) L * 41 (H) * 36 (W) cm, can be loaded with firefighters' jumpsuits, helmets, masks, boots, gloves, and other necessary equipment, etc., the side zipper expandable pockets with a capacity of up to 14 liters, according to the way of individual use to make adjustments.
There is a transparent business card pocket above the front zipper pocket, where you can put your name badge, making it easy for users to identify and not to take other personnel's equipment bags by mistake. The super strong hardware buckle can withstand over 30 kilograms of pulling force. The jacquard webbing with "FIRE FIGHTER" printed on it gives the bag a professional look. In addition to reinforcing the seams, an extra layer of fabric has been added to increase the tensile strength of the bag. The bottom of the bag is made of the latest convex wear-resistant synthetic leather next to the wheels, which is waterproof and not afraid of abrasion. The movable back shoulder strap can be removed when not in use, giving users more options. With a width of 36cm, this bag can be placed on the pedals of a motorcycle (not suitable for all kinds of motorcycles), making it a flexible and mobile cabinet for volunteer firefighters.

The main bag is designed with movable dividers, which can be adjusted to three different sizes according to individual equipment needs. There are two heights of drawbars to choose from, and the bags have a basic water-repellent treatment to prevent rainwater from entering, and there are currently red and black bags to choose from.

Samples of this model are in stock, please contact us if you need them.


  • Multi-layer reflective tape
  • The main pocket is large enough to hold all the necessary equipment.
  • The main pocket can be adjusted in three different sizes.
  • Backpack, handheld, and trolley handle.
  • Waterproof


  • Body Material: Water Repellent Polyester Fabric
  • Size: (64+10) (L) * 41 (H) * 36 (W) cm
  • Main Compartment Volume: 95 L
  • Weight: 4.4 kgs