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DELLY has been customizing laptop backpacks and all kinds of bags with quick price quote, counter sample making, and mass production with consistent high quality, customer satisfaction are our company operation concepts.

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Based in Taiwan since 2010, PLUSWORK INTERNATIONAL COMPANY is a manufacturer and designer of professional bags. Their main professional bags and cases include, Travel Bag, durable outdoor trolley bags, backpacks, versatile professional backpacks, protective guitar bags for musicians, specialized firefighter equipment rolling bags and stylish laptop bags for professionals. They also provide OEM/ODM services and have a strong focus on quality, backed by professional SGS certification.

Discover DELLY, a leading professional bag manufacturer with over 40 years of expertise. Specializing in custom laptop backpacks and a wide range of bags, we offer quick quotes, rapid sample creation, and efficient mass production. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart. As a Taiwanese OEM/ODM provider, DELLY delivers comprehensive bag solutions, ensuring high-quality, specialized bag development. Benefit from our global manufacturing network for tariff-free solutions. Trust in our SGS-certified products with a two-year warranty. Partner with DELLY for all your professional bag needs.

DELLY has been offering customers SGS-certified professional bags with warranty since 2010, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, DELLY ensures that each customer's demands are met.

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  • The travel bag materials are water repellent and will protect your items from the rain. All bags use the smoothly zipping YKK zippers. Isolated shoe bag design used to separate from other clean items. When the shoe pocket is not in use, it can be used to hold dirty or wet clothing. The shoulder strap is removable.Travel bag can be attached to the handle of luggage to make your travel more convenient. We also customized Sling bag, Sport bag, Club bag, Gym bag and Duffel bag.

  • 24" 2-Wheelled Foldable Travel Bag
    24" 2-Wheelled Foldable Travel Bag

    24" Foldable Travel Bag on wheels is made specially for domestic vacations. It has a 55L volume, main compartment and can be carried with a removable shoulder strap or the handles. The back of the nylon fabric has 3mm-thick EVA to let the bag stand well and look clean. The main compartment also contains a mesh zipper pocket for smaller items that you need more often. The bag can be carried at your side or on your back for ease of use in different circumstances. For storage, the bag can be folded to decrease space.

  • 24" Duffel Bag with Wheels
    24" Duffel Bag with Wheels

    Made for domestic travelling and with a 62L main compartment volume, this travel bag on wheels can be carried on the side or by hand. It has a nylon material laminated with a 3mm-thick EVA to create a clean look for the bag and helps give the bag its form. Inside the main compartment is a mesh zipper pocket for users to put their small items. Below the upper zipper is another zipper pocket to store the removable shoulder strap or your boarding pass, wallet, or other important items. The bag also comes with a dust covering for storage.

  • Two Layer Trolley Travel Bag on Wheels
    Two Layer Trolley Travel Bag on Wheels

    Two layer of Travel bag on wheels is designed for different types of athletes, has a two-layered, completely separated main compartment. The top layer is for sports equipment and has a compartment separated from the main compartment for shoes or dirty clothes. The bottom layer is for storing apparel. Able to be wheeled, carried like a backpack, or hand-carried, the 5536 is a multiple function travel bag. The wheels and feet set have durable and sturdy 7cm diameter wheels to prevent hard items or long hair from getting stuck in the wheels.

  • Two Layer Travel Bag
    Two Layer Travel Bag

    Two Layer Travel bag, the upper and lower pockets, have different designs and can be completely divided to separate the clean and dirty clothes. The bag's different abilities can meet the user's demands. In addition, the lower layer pocket can be completely opened, and hard, PE boards protect the four corners and the bottom. The back zipper pocket can be used for storage or can be unzipped to strap the bag onto a luggage handle for convenient use.

  • Travel Bag with Shoe Pocket
    Travel Bag with Shoe Pocket

    This travel bag with shoe pocket is combination of gray and black fabric creates a simple and elegant look for this travel bag. On the front, the 3mm EVA....strengthen the bag and make it appear tidy. The side pocket has a shoe pocket (26 x 45 x 26cm) completely separate from the main compartment for athletic shoes or dirty clothes to prevent the main compartment items from getting dirty. There are also two holes in the shoe compartment for aeration to prevent odors from building up. On the other side of the main compartment is a flat zipper pocket for commonly used items.

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