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Outdoor Trolley Bags & Music Instrument Bags | 40 Years Bag Production Experience | DELLY

PLUSWORK INTERNATIONAL COMPANY is a bag supplier and manufacturer with over 40 years of production experience in Taiwan.

Specilized in music instrument bags, outdoor trolley bag manufacturing, as well as developing new products, such as business carry-on bags, special purpose bags,etc. OEM/ODM bag one-stop manufacturing with advanced equipment. Imported material, SGS certification with yearly warranty, and quality made with competitive prices.

DELLY has been offering customers high-quality bags since 2010, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, DELLY ensures each customer's demands are met.

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Back straps wear, fray, and tear
Back straps wear, fray, and tear

Our company is very concerned with every customers’ satisfaction regarding pricing, prototype production time, product quality, manufacturing equipment and upgrades, leading time, and aftermarket support. New customers bring us problems that other manufacturers cannot solve, and using our extensive bags production experience, we develop the best, most cost effective solutions, establish trust and satisfaction in our new customers.

We collaborate with new and existing customers to solve problems our customers and their end users experience that other companies may not be able to resolve, some of which you may have encountered:
1.Solution for Frayed Backpack Shoulder Straps
2.Solution for Prickly Backpack Zipper Elements: Nylon zipper elements pricking end user’s hands
3.Solution for Ripped Guitar Bag Front Pocket: Flat/front pockets tearing easily
4.Sports Bag Prototyping Service
5.Aftermarket Support: Logo printed backwards solution

There will always be cheap bags. While customers seek the most high quality, cost effective bags manufacturer, OEMs also look for the most profitable markets and customers. Here at DELLY, we strive to reach an understanding to create the most opportunities for both of us.