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DELLY Backpack with Wheels Service Introduction

PLUSWORK INTERNATIONAL COMPANY is Taiwan Backpack with Wheels supplier and manufacturer with more than 40 years experence. Since 2010, in the Sporting goods & Outdoor leisure Industry, DELLY has been offering our customers high quality Backpack with Wheels production service. With both advanced technology and 40 years experience, DELLY always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • Carry-On Laptop Backpack with Wheels
    Carry-On Laptop Backpack with Wheels

    Combining the convenience of a carry-on bag and a backpack, this bag on wheels can be carried like a backpack or wheeled like a luggage bag. It can also be strapped onto another luggage bag's handle. The bag is created for short business trips. It's main compartment contains a pocket for 15" laptops to meet your business trip's needs. Inside the front zipper pocket are pockets for phones, portable chargers, business cards, and pens. There is also a key ring strap. The mesh zipper pocket is designed for storing medication, stationeries, or any other commonly used travel items.The baggage is designed to let the user take out his or her laptop without fully opening the main compartment. Whether you are waiting in a transfer area or you have stored the baggage in an overhead bin, you can access your laptop without fully opening your luggage bag. The bottom is reinforced with a protective pad, so the bag does not wear and tear easily on rough surfaces. The upper handle is made from one piece of fabric for more durability and easy carrying. On the back side of the bag are back pads with increased size and thickness and aeration for more comfort. The back pads combined with the adjustable shoulder straps offer a comfortable feel during use. The two wheels and retractable handle also let the backpack transform into a carry-on bag, especially when the shoulder straps are tucked into the retractable handle compartment. To prevent the user's clothes from getting when carrying the bag on his or her back, there are wheel covers. The open-style back... design allows the bag to be strapped onto luggage handles to further your travel convenience.

  • Wheeled Twin Carry-On Backpack
    Wheeled Twin Carry-On Backpack

    Wheeled Twin Carry-On Backpack is designed for vacations out of the country usually have one-day city tours and this is when you might find that you don’t have a simple backpack for your water bottle, lightweight jacket, or medication. You may also find that after binge shopping or shopping in a tax-free store, you are no longer able to carry all your items. The main bag of the #5520 can be carried like a backpack or wheeled like a luggage bag. The #5520 is nicknamed "the transformer" because it has so many different functions. It can be used as a personal luggage bag or a backpack and the whole set can be carried like a backpack so that your trip is a success.Inside the main compartment is a mesh zipper pocket and on the outer part of the bag in the front is another zipper pocket. Other than the upper handle, there are handles on each side. The base feet can also be used as handles for easy and convenient use. On both sides of the separable small backpack are mesh water bottle pockets. There are also two front zipper pockets and overall, the bag may be strapped onto luggage handles.

  • 27" Military Grade Backpack with Wheels
    27" Military Grade Backpack with Wheels

    All of the material used in military grade backpack with Wheels meets the United States' military requirements. The ODR-0227 can be nicknamed the people's version of a military backpack with a retractable handle. The body material uses a 1000D waterproof fabric, the wheels are 10cm diameter battle wheels, and the whole bag can withstand a weight of over 45 kg. The main compartment volume is close to 90L and when necessary, the length can be extended from 27 inches to 40 inches.The main compartment has 3 removable separators that can be moved to meet the user's needs to designate the desired space. Combined with the three elastic bands in the main compartment, the bag is much like a mobile closet. Surrounding all four sides of the main compartment are EVA protective pads. The bottom has a removable shoulder strap that can be used for shoulder straps when carrying the bag as a backpack. The aluminum alloy retractable handle is stable and durable. The wheels are screwed on and when needed, the consumer can attach or remove the battle wheels themselves (DIY). When the bag isn't in use, it can be folded up to take up little space. The zippers are all YKK zippers. The main compartment's zippers have holes for a TSA certified lock to go through to prevent thieves.

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