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Overseas Investment - Myanmar to set up Yangon Factory | Professional bag solutions for corporate needs | DELLY

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Overseas Investment - Myanmar to set up Yangon Factory | Custom-Designed Professional Laptop Backpacks | DELLY

Based in Taiwan since 2010, PLUSWORK INTERNATIONAL COMPANY is a manufacturer and designer of professional bags. Their main professional bags and cases include, Overseas Investment - Myanmar to set up Yangon Factory, durable outdoor trolley bags, backpacks, versatile professional backpacks, protective guitar bags for musicians, specialized firefighter equipment rolling bags and stylish laptop bags for professionals. They also provide OEM/ODM services and have a strong focus on quality, backed by professional SGS certification.

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DELLY has been offering customers SGS-certified professional bags with warranty since 2010, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, DELLY ensures that each customer's demands are met.

Overseas Investment - Myanmar to set up Yangon Factory

2019/10/15 DELLY

Myanmar has a population of 56 million. 65% of the country ’s population is under 30 years of age. Therefore, Myanmar is a vibrant and motivated country. Moreover, the Myanmar government is committed to promoting the democratized politics, which benefits of tax incentives or tax-free from countries around the world.

At present, the Myanmar factory initially plans to set up 60 sewing machines, specializing in the production of orders from American customers. The initial production is mainly gift bags, musical instrument bags, computer bags and sports bags. After local employees have skilled sewing machine technology, we will continue to produce bags with more complicated processes such as trolley bags, trolley backpacks, baseball backpacks, and military backpacks. We will continue to serve American customers and not be affected by the China-US trade war tariffs.