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Outdoor Trolley Bags & Music Instrument Bags | 40 Years Bag Production Experience | DELLY

PLUSWORK INTERNATIONAL COMPANY is a bag supplier and manufacturer with over 40 years of production experience in Taiwan.

Specilized in music instrument bags, outdoor trolley bag manufacturing, as well as developing new products, such as business carry-on bags, special purpose bags,etc. OEM/ODM bag one-stop manufacturing with advanced equipment. Imported material, SGS certification with yearly warranty, and quality made with competitive prices.

DELLY has been offering customers high-quality bags since 2010, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, DELLY ensures each customer's demands are met.

Company Profile

Travel Practitioner
Travel Practitioner

Pluswork International Company is a young Taiwanese company, but its management team has over 40 years of bag production experience. The Taiwanese company is responsible for manufacturing high-quality luggage. It is also responsible for price quotes, processing orders, and designing new models. The Chinese factory in GuangDong Province Huei-Zou city is responsible for creating samples and manufacturing products. Quick price quotes, sample-making skills, and our insistence on product quality compose our business philosophy.

So far, our company's main products include Outdoor Trolley Bag, Backpack, Music Instrument Bag (Guitar Bag, Electric Guitar Bag, Keyboard Bag, Ukulele Bag), Bag With Wheels, Special Purpose Rolling Bags, Laptop Bag, Thermal Bag, Cooler Bag, Rolling Backpack, Luggage, Briefcase, Carry-On Baggage, Duffel Bag, Baseball Backpack, Sport Bag, Swimming Backpack, Shoe Bag, Garment Bag, Garment Bag on Wheels. We also focus on developing new products. Other than DELLY products, we also focus on Business Carry-On Bags, Outdoor Trolley Bags, And Special Purpose Bags.

From OEM to ODM orders from international customers, we have accumulated manufacturing experience for many types of bags. Whether the bags are simple or complex, we have the production equipment necessary to complete the customer's order. We have also established relations with local material suppliers that offer high quality materials at lower prices. Because of these partnerships, the bags we produce are of high quality and are sold at competitive prices. We also import manufacturing materials to meet our customers' desired product quality.

After acquiring many years of manufacturing experience from producing high-quality bags for other companies, we have entered the design and marketing field with our own brand, DELLY. All DELLY products receive SGS certification and come with a two-year warranty. Owning DELLY products lets you become a travel practitioner.

Our company values the Earth's resources, so we conserve resources by producing long-lasting products. We are a trustworthy company that acts with integrity and works hard to satisfy our customers. In regards to bags we produce for other companies, we take responsibility for the quality of the bags for a year, so we offer a one-year warranty. Please let us know of any services we can provide you with, and we hope that you will become our next business partner.