Two Layer Trolley Travel Bag on Wheels

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Two Layer Trolley Travel Bag on Wheels


Two layer of Travel bag on wheels is designed for different types of athletes, has a two-layered, completely separated main compartment. The top layer is for sports equipment and has a compartment separated from the main compartment for shoes or dirty clothes. The bottom layer is for storing apparel. Able to be wheeled, carried like a backpack, or hand-carried, the 5536 is a multiple function travel bag. The wheels and feet set have durable and sturdy 7cm diameter wheels to prevent hard items or long hair from getting stuck in the wheels.

For more convenience, the retractable handle can be adjusted to three different heights to accommodate to different users and the handle is made from aluminum alloy which allows for smooth adjustment. The shoulder strap can be adjusted and removed. Other than the main compartment and shoe (or dirty clothes) compartment in the upper layer, there is a front zipper pocket for small items. Below the handle is a zipper pocket that is separated from the main compartment by a Velcro-shut separator. To connect the main compartment and zipper pocket, the Velcro can be undone.


  • Multi-function bag that can be carried or wheeled.
  • Completely separated compartment for shoes (or dirty clothes).
  • The pocket under the handle can be connected to the main compartment.
  • 3 height adjustment for the handle.
  • 7cm diameter wheels, steady and doesn't get stuck.
  • Basic waterproof ability.


  • Body Material: Nylon with Waterproof
  • Size: 25" (L) x (6 1/2 + 9" ) (H) x 13" (D)
  • Volume: Top Compartment: 38 (can be expanded to 45) L ; Down Compartment: 36 L
  • Weight: 3.25 kgs


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